European Guitar Research (and everywhere else too!)

OK folks, here are some more links from all over the world for you to explore!!

  • Broadway guitars from the UK, awesome site!
  • Here’s another one from the UK, the Burns Guitar Museum.
  • Cheesy Guitars is a site devoted to European and Soviet guitars, mainly focused on the “communist years.”  Tons of information and pretty well written articles.
  • Do you like Egmond guitars?  This guy does!  I do too!
  • Here’s another good Egmond site.
  • The Framus Vintage Archive is probably the best online resource for all you Framus fanatics!
  • Fetish Guitar is THE source for vintage Italian guitars.  This site is just so good!
  • Goya guitars!  I love this guy’s enthusiasm.  Some good catalog scans too.
  • Vintage Hofner is run by Steve Russel and it has the BEST information for Hofner guitars!
  • I suppose if you live in the UK then you know about Jedson guitars.
  • Jolana guitars, get your translator ready!!
  • Junk Guitar is a fun site with some bizarre guitars from all over the place!
  • Wandre was like the Michelangelo of guitar designers.
  • Watkins/Wem guitars came from the UK, and here is a nice site devoted to these cool guitars.
  • The Vox Showroom has a lot of good information about, what else? Vox!

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