Hey Folks,

I decided to add this page for those of you interested in buying and selling guitars.  Almost every day I get emails, from all around the world, asking about guitar prices or asking if I’m interested in buying guitars.  The answer is YES, I’m always buying and selling guitars! I particularly love electric guitars and basses from the 50s and 60s, so if you have something for sale, be sure to drop me a line!

BUYING  If you have a guitar you’d like to sell to me, get in contact with me through the form below.  I’m always interested in buying cool guitars that have been under appreciated by most players, and I really LOVE bringing the guitars back to life!  It’s like recycling!

I’m not really interested in acoustics and “copy” era guitars from the 70s.  I mostly like weird guitars….

SELLING Now I’ll be selling guitars here in my store, so head on over there to see what I have for sale!

APPRAISALS  I’m usually humble to a fault, but when it comes to pricing vintage guitars, especially the oddballs, I think I’m really good at it!  If you’ve gone to a music store or super store, and just felt clueless, then check in with me and I’ll give you an honest, accurate assessment of your guitar’s value.  I collect, repair, and play these guitars for fun, not profit, so I’ll be truthful with you.

Norma EG421-4 1

Lastly, if you decide to contact, be sure to type out your email address correctly.  I can’t tell you how many times I take time to respond to people, only to have the email come back undeliverable.  I answer every single email I get, so if you don’t get a response it was probably because of an email address with a mistake.

5 thoughts on “Buying/Selling

  1. John Fallon says:

    This site is something I drift back to quite often……and I also dig the YouTube videos because that way you can hear the guitars……some look fantastic and sound lame…others are quite good…and probably useful……the videos are essential for anyone who is interested in picking up some wacky guitars…but not ending up with ones that will disappoint you…..so “thank you” and keep drowning us in guitars…MORE…..MORE….MORE!….

    John Fallon of The STEPPES…….and these days with The LAISSEZ FAIRS……

  2. Brent says:

    Love the site. Awesome videos! Are you still purchasing guitars? I have a few that you might be interested in. Horugel 3 goldfoil pickup guitar. Kind of looks like a Hi Flyer. Silvertone 1478, norma guitar and an old neck thru guitar that kind of looks like a Memphis MG300 but its not.

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