Hey folks, I wanted to create a page for my buddy Dano Dave D’Amelio!  He runs Happy Guitar Repair down in Charleston, South Carolina.  The guy is just the best tech I’ve ever come across and he does great, affordable work!  Please check him out and give him a call when you need any guitar work done, especially on oddball guitars.


7 thoughts on “Dano’s Happy Guitar Repair

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got the guitar on the home page. The red one with the 3 x 2 tuners. I have been recording slide guitar in the studio in a studio in Tulsa, and want to sell it. Fantastic guitar, but the Teisco I found is a hotter sound for what we are doing. Would you know anybod interested in the purchase of the St. Moritz?

  2. tljarrett@consumerlogicresearch.com says:

    I forgot to enter my email address. I have the red 3×2 tuner St Moritz on your home page.

  3. Dale Coffing says:

    I e-mailed you back some time ago about a Supro Lexington that we are bringing you. Our plan was to leave north central Indiana Sunday afternoon (after church) and head your way. Well….if you’ve seen the wonderful “Indiana” weather we are having not much is moving out in the country due to the snow storm we had Sunday. Anyway we are planning on heading down to SC the last Sunday in Feb. That should put us down there on Tuesday the 24th. Hope you can still fit me in to do your “Voo-doo” on my old Lexington. I do need an address so we can find you. I’ll look around on the site and see if I can’t find it.
    Really looking forward to meeting you, and get the 5 cent tour.

  4. Willie D says:

    No doubt Dan-o is the best. I always get my guitars back better than before. I trust him completely. Good dude.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey it’s Bud check this out 65 sivertone with case amp $270: it works sounds like as telecaster Ktown farmers market

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