Hey peoples!  Here you’ll find some demos and articles all about my love of effects, vintage, new, rare, and everywhere in-between!  Be sure to check out my YouTube channel too!

And lately I’ve been getting asked to do pedal demos for different effects makers.  Hey, we’ll demo any pedal you want!  It’s fun for us and hopefully it will get the word out for you makers, in a grassroots sort of way.

Ace Tone FM2 1Ace-Tone Fuzz Master FM-2

Ampeg Scrambler Reissue

Beano Boost 1Analogman Beano Boost NKT275

ff5Analogman Fuzz Face

Sonic Distortion 2Analogman Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion

Big John Hairy Balls Boost/Fuzz

Cornell The 1st Fuzz

Creepy FIngers BuzzaroundCreepy Fingers Burns Buzzaround Fuzz

Creepy Fingers Carlin Fuzz 1Creepy Fingers Carlin Compressor Fuzz

Creepy Fingers Harakiri 2Creepy FIngers Harakiri Fuzz

Creepy Fingers Magnabender 1Creepy Fingers Magnabender

Creepy Fingers Ramalama 2Creepy Fingers Ramalama Fuzz

Cusack Screamer Fuzz 2Cusack Screamer Fuzz V2

Death By Audio Fuzz War

Sham AshDel Rey Sham Ash Fuzz Boxxx

Dentone Buzzaround Clone Fuzz

Dimarzio Metal 1DiMarzio Very Metal Distortion/Fuzz

Dirtgarden Mystifying Oracle 

Bombus 4aDirtgarden Nu Bombus Buzzaround Fuzz

Voxish 3aDirtgarden Voxish Fuzz

Dr. J Planes Wlaker 1Dr. J Planes Walker Fuzz

Earthquaker Fuzz Master 2EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof (3-Knob)

Earthquaker Levitation 1EarthQuaker Devices Levitation Reverb

Park Fuzz Sound 1EarthQuaker Devices Park Fuzz Sound

EarthQuaker Devices Sound Shank Fuzz

EarthQuaker Devices Tone Reaper Fuzz

Earthquaker Terminal Fuzz 1EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz

zap2EarthQuaker Devices Zap Machine Fuzz

Electro Harmonix Big Muff (current NYC reissue)

Elk Super Fuzz Sustainar

E.T.I. Bomber Boxx Fuzz (Electric Toad Engineering)

Fender Blender 1Fender Blender 70s Fuzz

Fredric Mutant Fuzz 1Fredric Effects Mutant Fuzz

fox5FoxRox Hot Silicon Fuzz

Foxx Tone Machine Vintage Fuzz

Frantone Cream Puff 1Frantone Cream Puff Fuzz

Frantone Peach Fuzz

695Fulltone 69 Fuzz (one of the early ones!!)

soul3Fulltone Soul Bender Fuzz

Greenchild Tribus Drive

Gumi Anal DrunkerGumi Analtronics Anal Drunker Distortion/Fuzz

Guyatone TZ2 Fuzz

Guyatone TZm5 Torrid Fuzz

Harmonic Percolator HP-1

Ibanez Standard Fuzz

Tubescreamer 2Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer (original 1980s version)

JHS Twin Twelve Overdrive

KMD Super DistortionKMD Super Distortion

Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff

Hovercraft Ionostrofear Fuzz

Jext Telez Dizzy Tone V1 3Jext Telez Dizzy Tone Fuzz V.1

Jext Telez Dizzy Tone V2 3Jext Telez Dizzy Tone V.2

Lell Drive 1LELL DD Distortion Drive (USSR)

Karl FuzzLovepedal Karl Fuzz

Lovetone Big Cheese 6Lovetone Big Cheese

Lumpy's Lemon Drop 1Lumpy’s Tone Shop Lemon Drop

Maestro FuzzTone FZ1A 1Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ1-A

Maestro Fuzz MFZ-1

Marshall The Guv’nor Overdrive

Mid-Fi Electronics Clari(not) Fuzz

MJM China FuzzMJM China Fuzz

MSD Paranoid Fuzz 1Musician Sound Design Paranoid Fuzz

MXR Blue Box Sub Octave

Plum Crazy H.F.M.I.C. Fuzz

ProCo Rat (1985)

Rabid Rodent Distortion (RAT Clone)

Recovery Couple SkateRecovery Effects Couple Skate Fuzz

Retro Channel The Fuzz

Electron FUzz 1Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz

Ruess Goo Goo Fuzz 1Ruess Goo Goo Fuzz SF-01

Rich Pedals Os Mutantes Fuzz

Sanner Fuzzrite

Sioux Guitars Combination Bridge

Sioux Guitars Court Street Overdrive

Sioux Guitars Dakota County Delay

Sioux Guitars Dakota County Delay w/ Acoustic Guitar

Sioux Guitars Flood of ’53 Flanger

Sioux Guitars K-D Chorus

Sioux Guitars SCPD Fuzz

Sioux Guitars Truck Stop Tremolo

Sioux Guitars Villa Ave. Distortion

Skreddy Supa Tone 2Skreddy Supa Tone Fuzz

Snake Culebra 1Snakes Pedals Culebra Fuzz

Sovtek Big Muff (Civil War) Rehoused

Spaceman WOW Signal 2Spaceman Effects WOW Signal Fuzz

Stomp Under Foot Bee Baa Fuzz

Univox Super Fuzz

Univox SuperFuzz Clone

Verellen Big Spider 1Verellen Amplifiers Big Spider Fuzz

VintageFX ColorDrive2 2VintageFX ColorDrive 2

Vox ToneBender 1Vox ToneBender Fuzz Reissue V829

Way Huge Green Rhino 1Way Huge Green Rhino

Foot Pig 5Way Huge Foot Pig

Piercing Moose 1Way Huge Piercing Moose

Westwell Sounds “A Great Explosion” Fuzz

Wilson Effects Dirty Beaver 2Wilson Effects Dirty Beaver Fuzz

Wooly Mammoth 2ZVex Wooly Mammoth Fuzz

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