Airline Guitar Kits USA Res-O-Glas Guitar

1961 Airline Triple Pickup (62 A 7218)

1960s Airline (Kay) Guitar

Airline Hollow1967 Airline 62 A 7280 (Harmony H76) 

1960s Coral Fiddle Bass Guitar

1960s Coral Firefly Guitar

1960s Coral Firefly 12 Guitar

1960s Coral Hornet Guitar

1967-69 Coral Longhorn 6, 12, and Bass 

Coral Longhorn Q 11968 Coral Longhorn Guitar

1967 Coral Electric Sitar (model 3S18)

1966 Custom Craft Ambassador (Model 4272)

Custom Kraft Beat Blaster1968 Custom Kraft Beat Blaster!!

1960s Danelectro 6 String Bass (#3612)

1960s Danelectro Bellzouki 7020 12 String

1960s Danelectro Convertible (#5015)

1960s Danelectro Deluxe Guitar (#6028)

1960s Danelectro Double Neck Guitar/Bass (#3923)

1960s Danelectro Guitarlin 31 Fret(#4123)

1960s Danelectro Long Horn Bass Guitar

1960s Danelectro Short Horn Blonde Guitar (#5025)

1960s Danelectro Short Horn (#3021)

1960s Danelectro Single (#1417/1415)

English Tonemaster 11956 English Electronics Tonemaster 

2004 Fender Cyclone II Guitar

Fender Tele HWY 12000s Fender Highway One Telecaster

Fender Jaguar 50th Anni2012 Fender Jaguar 50th Anniversary

1965 Fender Mustang (Dan Auerbach Guitar)

Fender PartsTeleFender Telecaster (Partscaster)

Gibson ES1251956 Gibson ES125 Guitar

Gibson ES335 DD2007 Gibson ES335 DD Guitar

1991 Gibson Firebird

Gibson Les Paul 19961996 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul 581998 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Sweet Cherry 

59 Gibson Les Paul2004 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue 

Gibson SG 20052005 Gibson SG 1962 Standard Authentic Guitar

1960s Harmony H22 Bass Guitar

Harmony H441955 Harmony H44 Stratotone

1960s Harmony Rocket H59 Guitar

1960s Harmony H19 Guitar

1959 Kay Value Leader Hollowbody Guitar

Kay Acoustic1960s Kay Acoustic with DeArmond Pickup

Marvel Multivox 11962 Multivox (StradoLin, Premier, Marvel) Guitar

Murph Squire 11966 Murph Squire II T

National 1124 11954 National (Valco) 1124

Old Kraftsman 11960s Old Kraftsman Guitar (Kay Vanguard)

Peavey T60 1Peavey T-60 Guitar

Reverend Slingshot 12002 Reverend Slingshot (Hammered Gold Finish)

1950s Silvertone H51 Guitar

1950s Silvertone Espanada H63 Guitar

1960s Silvertone 1448 Amp in Case Guitar

1960s Silvertone 1449 Amp in Case Guitar

1960s Silvertone 1452 Amp in Case Guitar

1960s Silvertone 1457 Amp in Case Guitar

Supro Clermont 11960s Supro Clermont Guitar

1959 Supro Triple-Tone Guitar (Model 1575)

1963 Supro Dual Tone Fiberglas Guitar (Model 1524G)

1968 Supro Lexington Guitar

1967 Supro Normandy Guitar

Supro Japan 11960s Unknown Valco Guitar

Wurlitzer Cougar1966 Wurlitzer Cougar Guitar