Hey peeps, you know I’m always talking about Mike Dugan and having him demo all of our guitars.  He’s a great guy and I wanted to create a small corner of my site about him.  You can also check him out on Facebook.  Besides playing gigs, he’s also a great guitar teacher and really helped me become better on the git.  For about 10 years I played in slash and burn punk bands, and when he started teaching me about the guitar, I realized I knew next to nothing!  He’s been teaching people from all over the world lately through Skype and other realtime video chats. Anyway, here’s some examples of his teaching courtesy of Torrins Online.  Check it out!

37 thoughts on “Mike Dugan

    1. BobbyD says:

      Greetings, do you sell or know where I can get parts for a Japanese Vox Phantom Copy? A tail piece and whammy to be more specific.

  1. Mark Turner 1155 Sunhill Drive Lawrenceville ga 30043 says:

    know where I can find a Kawai Tiki Mask? I had one in the early 70s. It was a great guitar!

  2. Bill Y says:

    My first electric guitar to best of my memory was called a Shelly or Shelley. That may have been a model name. I can usually find anything on the internet but this one has me stumped. I bought it around 1966-1968 at a Piano store in Arkadelphia, Ar. It was red, solid body. Had a white pickguard, my friends was same except had a muticolored speckled pickguard. Can’t remember pickups or neck wood. I even called the man who owned the store and he couldn’t remember either. Said Shelly may have been the salesman or an representative name as they often named guitars after employees or salesmen. I’m pretty sure it was Shelly and not Shelby. I think it may have been roughly shaped like a strat. Any suggestions?

  3. Tom says:

    I recently acquired a teisco del et-200. It’s missing a bridge and tuners. Any info??? I need parts. I also need a whammy bar for my daimaru 811

      1. Leif Williams says:

        Ha … that was Mike Robinson from Eastwood guitars; cool to see that all enthusiasts of groovy/bizarre guitars converge eventually! Great site, btw, and I dig your videos.

  4. Nicholas Lampman says:

    The picture i have for my face book is me at 24 in 1973 playing my fav guitar a Cherry Red Crown Electric guitar with gold hardware even though i still had my first electric guitar i got in 1964 for my birthday it was a 1964 fender Mustang an a Fender Amp and in 67 i bought a 1965 Fender Jag my question is im wanting to find another Crown like the one i had, the one i had was a great player it did not mater where on the neck you played it was a joy to play you did not have to press hard on the strings the neck was true an straight sincerly Nicholas

  5. Bill C says:

    Hey, I don’t know if you have any in stock but I am looking for a wider neck MIJ vintage guitar. I have four Tiescos and a Guyatone. The Guyatone and the Sharkfin Teisco both have wider necks…not much but good enough. Since you are a sage about these things I have traveled to ask you…what MIJ vintage brands/makers/guitar models have had a wider neck both for finger style over the pickups and at the nut? Thanks

  6. David Perry says:

    Hi Mike, I have a 1964 St George guitar like the one you played in your video. Well it is a little different. Mine has 6 keys to adjust the strings on one side. It is in excellent condition..! I was wondering if you could tell me how much it is worth. I have had it for 50 years now. My mother bought it for me for my 12th B-Day when I was in the 7th grade. I’m 62 yrs. old now.. I live in the state of Washington….. Thank you..! David Perry

  7. ivan alias lordbizarre says:

    Hi ,Mike ! as a Belgian collector (lordbizarre.com ) I would ask you if you’re willing to share ( on YT if possible , and while playing those wonderful guitars ) how The House Of The Rising Sun ( no , not by the Animals !!!) by Frijid Pink could be played ( how and what “distortion/fuzz or…or…” you would use ? THX man , you’re great !!!!!

  8. william says:

    hi.this might be a silly question.what would the little metal bar that’s attached to the head of a guitar called? it holds down the strings. about 2″ in length. usually found on old japanese guitars.
    i have one that the threaded piece broke off of. i want to replace it but not sure what it’s called.

  9. Shawn Walburn says:

    Hi i have an old kent guitar and was wondering what year and model it is …i believe its got sun burst body and may be made in 70s and think it was made in Korea cant matxh it w any ive seen looks like the one in your videos

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