• Dano Dave D’Amelio is THE MAN when it comes to guitar repair.  This guy is super genuine, nice, and really funny!  He treats everyone with respect, whether you have a $100 Chinese strat, or a 1965 strat, you get the same attention.  He’s been collecting and working on bizarre guitars for almost 30 years, and he’s seen it all.  He does all the work on my guitars and he’s like a local legend.  I’m always talking him up because he really deserves some attention for his work.  A true craftsman.  And he also has one of the largest collections of vintage and rare Danelectro guitars in the country!
  • Mike Dugan is the man playing most of the guitar on the videos.  He’s a true player’s player, been at it for over 30 years and has made an actual living playing guitar.  It’s not easy to do!  He’s a great person with great talent and deserves a ton of recognition.  He’s still playing gigs all up and down the east coast, and he gives online guitar lessons to people all over the world via Skype and other video chats!  Also check out his Facebook page.
  • The Drowning in Guitars Facebook page.  Hey, be a friend!
  • While you’re at it, check out the YouTube channel of Drowning in Guitars!

Products I like!

  • Italia Straps are made right here in the USA and totally rule!
  • Bilt Guitars are just the best, and Tim and Bill make some seriously nice guitars!
  • Sioux Guitars have all kinds of cool stuff, like effects, guitars, amps, etc.  The company is run by a super nice guy who deserves your business, seriously.

Helpful Guitar Links

  • JediStar has a massive collection of online information about seemingly every guitar maker that ever existed!  A great resource!
  • Lord Bizarre has an extensive collection of oddball guitars, mostly from Europe and nearby areas.
  • Nate DeMont of DeMont guitars is a great guy with a passion for everything stringed.  I like this dude!  He has a Guyatone site with some excellent information.
  • Guitar Kits USA are the nice people who are making the Valco Resoglas kits.  I love what they’re doing over there!
  • Guy Mackenzie has a massive collection of guitars, all online for your viewing pleasure.  He’s a UK cat.
  • Bill Menting runs a superb site all about vintage Ibanez guitars and Kapa guitars.  This gentleman knows his guitars!  Bill also moderates the “50s and 60s World” section of the Ibanez Collectors Forum.
  • MineGitarer is a Norwegian guitar collection site.
  • Here’s a nice guitar collection at PulseBeat Guitars.
  • Vintage Axe is another great source for vintage catalog scans and rare guitar information.  Their forum is also top notch!
  • Vintage Guitars Info. is just an amazing site!  I don’t know who runs this, but I guarantee he doesn’t have little kids running around the house.  The time it took to compile all this information is simply impressive.
  • Wietse has a lot of guitars!!
  • Guitar Adventures has entertaining and informational articles for guitarists of all levels!

American Guitar Links

OK folks, if you’re into learning about your American beauty, here’s a good place to start.  Links will be continually added!!  And yes, I know I say “cool” a lot.

  • Here’s a nice little Bartell site.  Cool American made guitars from the 1960s.
  • Some of the early Carvin guitars were really cool.
  • Here’s a pretty good site about Danelectro guitars.
  • Another Danelectro site!
  • Really cool designer, luthier, and early Mosrite employee Bill Gruggett made some cool guitars!
  • The Harmony Guitars Database is AWESOME!!!
  • Kapa Guitars were an interesting mix of parts from all over the world!
  • Ever hear of Microfrets guitars?
  • Murph Guitars!!!  These were made in the USA, California, but the site is run by a very nice Aussie.
  • Reverend guitar fan site.  They’re not vintage, but the USA made guitars were really cool!  I own an awesome Slingshot, that I modded with Valco pickups!!
  • Silvertone World!!!!
  • Harvey Thomas was one of the most creative, imaginative, and CRAZY guitar makers there ever was, AND he was from the USA!  Washington State to be exact.
  • Here’s the Valco Pages, which covers the Supro, National, and Airline guitars.
  • Here’s a very nice Wurlitzer guitar site.

OK folks, here are some more links from all over the world for you to explore!!

More Links from all around the world!

  • Broadway guitars from the UK, awesome site!
  • Cheesy Guitars is a site devoted to European and Soviet guitars, mainly focused on the “communist years.”  Tons of information and pretty well written articles.
  • Do you like Egmond guitars?  This guy does!  I do too!
  • The Framus Vintage Archive is probably the best online resource for all you Framus fanatics!
  • Fetish Guitar is THE source for vintage Italian guitars.  This site is just so good!
  • Goya guitars!  I love this guy’s enthusiasm.  Some good catalog scans too.
  • Vintage Hofner is run by Steve Russel and it has the BEST information for Hofner guitars!
  • I suppose if you live in the UK then you know about Jedson guitars.
  • Jolana guitars, get your translator ready!!
  • Junk Guitar is a fun site with some bizarre guitars from all over the place!
  • Wandre was like the Michelangelo of guitar designers.
  • Watkins/Wem guitars came from the UK, and here is a nice site devoted to these cool guitars.
  • The Vox Showroom has a lot of good information about, what else? Vox!
  • Here’s a site all about violin basses!!  Crazy!