On this page I wanted to share a few products and items of interest to guitar freaks from all over!  I’m only going to have things listed here that are sorta unique, ingenious, or just plain useful.  Some of these parts I’ll have in stock and others I’ll be posting links, mainly because I don’t want to nickel and dime the good people who produce this stuff.


Bridge Adapters!

These are being produced by a great guy who lives sorta close to me.  He’s making bridge adapters/base plates so you can convert most any vintage Japanese guitar for use with a traditional tune-o-matic bridge while still using the original bridge screw holes.  Here are some pics and links to his auctions (just click on the pic)!

bridge adapter
Teisco Tulip Bridge Adapter
Zim-Gar adapter
39mm Adapter
88mm Adapter
Guyatone 75mm
Cipher Intermark 74mm
4mm Thumbwheels