Amplifiers… Videos, Articles, Photos, etc.

Every once in a while we like to do amp demos, so here are a few with videos.  I like almost all amps and don’t really have any favorites.  What I’ve learned is that even the cheapest amps can generate a good tone depending on how you mic them.  Anyway, here are the links!

Ace Tone SA10

Airline 9013

Ampeg Gemini I

Ampeg Reverberocket

Birdie AmpAria Birdie MXB-120

Badcat Hot Cat 30Bad Cat Hot Cat 30

Blockhead Firstborn 1Blockhead Firstborn Combo Amp

Fender Music Master Bass Amp

Gretsch 6159 Bass Amp (Valco)

Harmony 420 Bass Amp (Valco)

Contessaamp6Hohner Contessa CA-200

Lafayette 2Lafayette Amp (1960s)

Louis Electric Bluesbreaker 1Louis Electric Bluesbreaker 2×12 Combo

McKinney Amp (Valco)

Melody AmpMelody Amp (Early 1960s)

Savage Macht 12x

Splendor GA 301

Supro 1624 3Supro 1624T

Silvertone 1448

Teisco Checkmate 17

Teisco Checkmate 45

Teisco Checkmate 88

Victor MA-4X

Yamaha TA 60