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Yes, I finally finished my book!  After years of research and three solid years of writing and editing, the book is now available!  Click on the cover to buy a copy!Japanese_Guitar_Cover_r4

Hey all you fellow lovers of the guitar bizarre!!!  I started this site as an outlet for sharing my love of unique and oddball guitars.  Over the past 20 years I really have found myself drowning in guitars, amps, and effects pedals!  The articles here are part research, part history, and part entertainment.  I really love uncovering information about strange guitars, and I hope my work can help you in some enlightening way. To find all the information check out the top menu that contains categorized lists of guitars, effects, amps, and stories collected here.  And if you want to start collecting vintage “off-brand” guitars, be sure to check out my research section and my basic but important Collecting 101 article.  One of the most popular pages here is the Bizarre Guitar Pickup Encyclopedia, you should check that out sometime!

Also, feel free to comment on the posts and add your knowledge!  Don’t be afraid!  We need our combined brain-power to solve some of the mysterious guitars here!  I also have a page of links that I’m constantly working on, so please check out all the nice folks I’m finding who share the same passion.

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