Retro Channel “The Fuzz”

Hey all, this is our first pedal demo!  We’ll start with the Retro Channel “The Fuzz” pedal just because it’s my newest effect at the moment.  There’s a whole bunch of Tonebender clones out there and wading through all the choices can be exhaustive.  What I like about the this Retro Channel Fuzz is that it differs from many other clones because:

  • It’s sound stays consistent no matter the temperature (old germanium chips can get really screwy with atmospheric temperature changes).
  • You don’t need an isolated power supply to power this fuzz.
  • The maker showed some creativity in his circuit design!
Check out the video demo Mike Dugan and I made with a Fender USA Highway 1 Stratocaster and a 1967 Fender Super Reverb with alnico speakers!
We found the Retro Channel Fuzz to pretty much nail that mid to late 60s fuzz tone reminiscent of the Yardbirds.  It has a really authentic sound.  There is plenty of pick attack in the sound and the pedal offers some good sustain along with that delayed note decay.

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