Creepy Fingers Burns Buzzaround Fuzz

OK, so if you haven’t noticed yet I’m a bit of a fuzz box addict.  For years I was buying and trying out every fuzz pedal I came across and spent a ton of money searching for cool effects.  I’ve also learned that good fuzz tones don’t correlate with high prices!  Back in the 1990s vintage fuzz effects were pretty cheap, and what a GREAT high it was to discover some rusty ol’ fuzz box that sounded good!!  For the most part my favorite fuzzes are also my oldest ones, but when it comes to the Burns Buzzaround fuzz, well, that thing is so rare that few people have even heard what an authentic one sounds like!  There are clones of the circuit, and clones of clones!  So when I started getting into the perceived Buzzaround sound I bought a tried out about 20.  Seriously.

Then one day while I was home recovering from knee surgery, I decided to give Brad from Creepy Fingers a shout.  I knew of him from his band Fu Manchu and I also saw his pedals creeping onto the scene a few years ago.  People were raving about his work, and after exchanging a few emails I found out that he did custom work and he would build me a Buzzaround clone!  Pretty cool, kinda expensive, and very accommodating.  The guy is just nice, and it’s always suprising to find nice strangers!  Anyway, here’s the pedal he built for me and I’m going to keep this one.  Brad’s build quality in really high.  He does top notch work.

Like I mentioned before, there are plenty of awesome Buzzaround clones for around $100, and you know, all the clones I tried out sounded differently!  Is this Creepy Fingers authentic to the original?  Who cares…

Check out Mike Dugan playing the Creepy Fingers Buzzaround with a Gibson SG through a vintage Ampeg Gemini I.


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