Earthquaker Devices Zap Machine Limited Edition Fuzz

I just really love Earthquaker Devices pedals!!  I originally found out about the company years ago when Dan Auerbach mentioned and used a Hoof fuzz pedal, and then later I found out that the owner/builder/designer/ Jamie was the US tour manager for the Black Keys for a while.  Anyway, Jamie doesn’t seem to be making to many fuzz pedals lately, but this was one of his more recent builds.  It was a limited edition pedal that was only offered for sale through an online effects seller.  Here’s how Jamie described the pedal:

The Zap Machine is a silicon/germanium hybrid, touch sensitive dirt device.  It has a very wide and dynamic range from near clean boost with the fuzz at minimum through overloaded fuzz tones with fuzz at maximum.  Control over the low end frequencies lets you change  the character of the Zap Machine.  This allows it to behave as an overdrive, distortion or fuzz box depending on where the bass and fuzz controls are set.  The Zap machine also has excellent response to picking dynamics, a trait rarely found in fuzz boxes.  Cleans up nicely with the volume knob on your guitar too.  True bypass and built by hand with high quality new and N.O.S. parts in lovely Akron, Ohio.

And lastly, here’s the video demo!


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