Cusack Screamer Fuzz V2

Hi all!  Here we have what I like to call a “versatile” fuzz pedal.  Why versatile?  Well I’ve found that fuzz pedals are oftentimes one-trick ponies that that can limiting to a gigging musician.  This Screamer Fuzz is like a combination of a few different sounds that can be pulled out of this box, from Tubescreamer type sounds to full on fuzz.  Then there’s the toggle that messes with the clipping of the distortion/fuzz.  Cusack put a cute little LED above this clipping switch to show if you’re pushing too hard!  I like this pedal, and it’s a keeper for me.  I was finding all sorts of tones from fuzzy Stones to creamy British hard rock.  The pedal  has very nice feedback sustain with a lot of harmonics.  Check out Mike Dugan ripping it up with a Gibson SG through an Ampeg Gemini I.


4 thoughts on “Cusack Screamer Fuzz V2

  1. steve says:

    hi there, just wondering if you know if the screamer fuzz plays nicely behind a comp and an od in the signal chain…or if it needs to be first in the chain and see a guitar pickup rather than other signals? cheers dude and kind regards! steve

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