Dirtgarden Effects Nu Bombus (Buzzaround) Fuzz

Hey folks, I wanted to highlight a great little effects company called Dirtgarden Effects.  Brian is the builder and I just loved his work.  I’m not sure if he’s building anymore since his site is now blank, but his ebay handle is “dirtgardeneffects”.  I really like to support small builders, especially in the face of super high-priced newer effects pedals that get all hyped up in a fervor of tone quest reports and celebrity endorsements.  Screw that!  Dirtgarden’s builds are every bit as good as anything else out there, and the sound is there too!

Here’s how he described this pedal:

Another Buzzaround clone! Many awesome handmade shades of metal-flake fuzz buzz. GE and TI PNP germanium transistors. Power from 9v or 2.1mm boss type dc jack with no power supply conflicts. 125B style box. Switchcraft jacks, true bypass. Handmade, backyard custom paint. Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround clone on terminal strips with old Texas Instruments germanium PNP transistors. The circuit is true to the original but for a .0056 cap from the input to ground to bleed off some of the high frequencies. 9v battery power or 2.1 mm Boss type adapter. Pedal has added circuit board which allows the PNP based circuit to be daisy chained with normal pedal’s power supplies. Handmade enclosure, paint and graphics.

Here are some pics:

And here’s a video demo.  Support the little guys!!!


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