Stranger Than Fiction – Gilbert Welson Travel Guitar!?!?!

OK, what the hell is this?!?!?!  Nate DeMont discovered this treasure and it has a lot of people stumped.  Any help/suggestions/facts would be awarded in good karma!!

So it’s obviously a travel guitar, and that extra thingy down there is an arm rest.  It’s detachable!

Very strange, very unique, very beautiful.  The design reminds me of a heart, like if Romeo played guitar this is what he’d use to woo Juliet, from outside her window.

Never heard of Gilbert before…

Was this a one off?  Homemade? It even came in the original case!!!

Check out some of the components.  I have a 60s Italian guitar with the same bridge.

That bridge says “Welson” (hint, hint, Italian?)

Definitely 1960s here…


Well, whaddya think?  Weird huh?


5 thoughts on “Stranger Than Fiction – Gilbert Welson Travel Guitar!?!?!

  1. JohnnyAngel69 says:

    Looks like a lobster claw to me; although I could see the Romeo and Juliet Heart reference. Very cool and unique piece for sure!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a Welson Jazz Vedette guitar in my store for repair. The bridge and bridge cover, as well as the tuning machines are exactly the same as on your guitar. My guess Made by Welson in Italy.
    Thanks Bob
    Music Trading Outpost
    Gardnerville, Nevada

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