Creamy of the Crop- 1965 St. George MP-3 Guitar

St. George MP3 1

Ah yes, here’s one of the cool St. George MP style guitars!  Made for a few years in the mid-60s, these guitars were sold in the George’s Music Stores in New York state and a store in Hollywood, California.  These guitars can still be found here and there, but seem to be getting scarce in recent years.St. George MP3 2

These guitars came in a couple interesting colors (including baby blue), and several pickup configurations (2, 3, and 4 pickups), but the reason this model has become so popular is because of Tom Morello and his “Creamy” guitar.  See, he uses a modified MP-2 and Rage Against the Machine fans seem to search for these exact guitars.  I’ve always been a fan of RATM, and I think that Tom is a creative guitar player, but I sorta hate when some unknown guitar gets some cache because of a popular musician.  Oh well, so it goes… But the switches on these guitars do allow for some cool “kill” options!  That’s like tailor-made for Mr. Morello and his style!St. George MP3 3

Check out that headstock design!  Crazy huh?  See how the designers made that angled string retainer so that the string take a slight detour on route to the tuners?  It’s part of the reason I love old guitars…because of designs like this.  This guitar is one of the early Fujigen designs, and that Japanese company wasn’t afraid to try different designs like this one.St. George MP3 4

The St. George catalogs of this time were filled with interesting guitar designs, and this model was one of the coolest.  The guitar is super lightweight, and is easy to sling around.  Pickups on these can get a bit microphonic, but once in a while you get lucky and these sound great.  These also have that cool series wiring scheme that I always like!St. George MP3 6Check out that angled design!  Tom Morello apparently bought his at a pawn shop, which is totally fitting because that’s where most of these guitars could be found back in the day. People are always asking me where I find guitars like this, but if you live in the USA, guitars like these are everywhere!


7 thoughts on “Creamy of the Crop- 1965 St. George MP-3 Guitar

  1. Terri says:

    That was my dads guitar company. Paul George and my grandfather Anthony George. I only own one guitar from our family business but I love it!

    1. James says:

      Terri, I have a very unusual “St. G” guitar that looks a lot like a Domino California Rebel. Do you, or anyone on here, know anything about these?

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