Skreddy Supa Tone Fuzz!!

Hi again!  This time I wanted to write about the Skreddy Supa Tone fuzz pedal!  This pedal is copied after one of the last fuzz pedals that Colorsound ever produced, the 1974 Jumbo Fuzz!  It turns out that Colorsound opted to steer away from their hallmark Tonebender sound and made their own version of the US Big Muff.  In other words, the Jumbo Fuzz is the UK version of the US Big Muff, with a few tweaks here and there.  This pedal has a good amount of semi-clean boost available and not as much “woofi-ness” that is inherent to the Big Muff sound.  The Skreddy has a really authentic 70s tone and is silicon-based, rather than germanium.  Gone is the hard pick attack of the older Tonebender circuits but this pedal seems really solid and balanced throughout the tone sweep.  It’s like there aren’t any bad settings!  Skreddy pedals really command CRAZY money on the used scene, and as soon as SKreddy discontinues a pedal they immediately go up in value.  I’ve owned a few and I really like this one, and thankfully he’s still making them.  Check out the video demo Mike and I did using a Fender Highway 1 Strat and a vintage Fender Super Reverb!


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