Garage Rock Hero – 1960s Teisco ET200 Electric Guitar


Talk about a simple design, these Teiscos always reminded me of the Japanese Teisco equivalent of a Telecaster, only with more quirks!  These ET200s were probably the most common and popular Teisco design, easily winning the prize for the often cheapest guitar in the Teisco lineup!

Usually these are seen with the late 60s floral pick guard, but this one has this seemingly rare stamped metal guard.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on a Teisco before, and that tremolo arm is sorta unique, right?  Notice how the knobs are raised on the pick guard?

Red always seemed like a popular Teisco color, and during this time period (circa 66) all these guitars were built using solid wood (not plywood).  These actually have some sustain!  Pickups are ULTRA HOT and read out at 6.53k and 6.33k and of course this one has series wiring so with both pickups on you get that jump in output.  I love that!

So how about that painted neck?  Is that common or rather rare for these tulips?  Even though I love vintage Japanese guitars, I was never a huge Teisco buff so I can’t say for sure.  I do know that in my youth these could be had all day, every day, for $50 at pawn shops!  These were as common as pointy “superstrats” in the 80s, but the only difference is no one wanted these.  Oh how times have changed!


These guitars really make excellent garage band hammers, and I mean that!  Like, the frets are super tiny so you can’t shred on these guitars, but the pickups sound so raw and powerful!  It’s like barre chord city!  At least that’s what these were for me!  I had plenty of these back in the day, and this is the only one I kept.  I’ve probably had this for 15 years, and it always sounded better than the others I’ve had.  You can probably guess that quality control wasn’t a huge deal back then, and just like old fuzz pedals, you had to try these out.  Some were dogs and some were winners, just the way it is.

I have one buddy who swears these will become collectable one day, but since I grew up on these Tulips I just can’t look at these as anything but old school rockers.  Cheap, plentiful, roaring, ripping, smash apart at the end of the show thrashers!  I just can’t get that out of my head!




13 thoughts on “Garage Rock Hero – 1960s Teisco ET200 Electric Guitar

  1. GHook says:

    I just picked up this exact version in tobacco sunburst. I’m thinking it’s a 65/66 precursor of the ET200 Del Rey. I say this because the Teisco “crown ” logo badge you show is exactly the size of the place where my finish was lifted from the original emblem falling off. Anyway I must have got a good one, it’s a tone monster. I am having some hum issues that I suspect is a ground problem with the stamped metal guard. I bought this pretty cheap with the intention of flipping it on EBay. No way I keeping it 🙂

  2. Ryan Wirkkala says:

    Hi there, my son inherited an old Teisco, i think, from his grandparents and not sure exactly how old it is. I’m thinking early 60’s but not sure, and all i have is the serial and model numbers. Could you please tell me the model and what year guitar this is? Model # is, 759-1435-1. Serial # is, 263533. Thank you for your time, Ryan.

  3. Ryan Mear says:

    My first electric was, as it turns out, a Teisco. I still have it I am having trouble finding pics of the same kind! It’s like yours, but with one pickup at the neck, and no tremolo. It’s got the cool adjustable bridge with the chrome plate underneath. Black plastic pick guard with a black metal surround on the jack. The thing I haven’t seen on any others is the color. It’s a nice deep red stain, but the edges are black, like a red burst.. The thing has killer tone!

  4. Greg Eakin says:

    Hello Mike, You bought a guitar from me about a year ago. Said it was quiet unique. I have run across a Teisco ET200 like the one in this link. Are you interested in it. What is a fair value for this guitar nowadays. Thanks, Greg

  5. bluemuleguitars says:

    My first guitar was a Tiesco Del Rey… came with a Tiesco amplifier and Santa left it under the Christmas tree when I was around 10 years old.. I put it out for the trash when I acquired a Sigma SBF 2-6. I traded the Sigma towards a ’72 Thinline Telecaster and I’ve had that guitar since around 1976 or 77.. like probably millions of guitar players I wish I had both of those guitars “precious” guitars now…

  6. Billy-Wayne says:

    My first electric guitar was one of these early et-200s. I purchased it at a May Compay department store for $40 brand new. I saw it on a guitar stand, all shiny and red, and just HAD to have it. Paid for it, reached up for it, and the sales clerk said it was the floor model and mine wouldn’t be in for around 6 weeks. Big surprise when I opened the box and the red guitar I’d been anticipating had been replaced by a sunburst version. Immediate, but very short-lived disappointment set in as I realized that the sunburst was a very cool color. I also loved the brushed aluminum pickguard and the oblong pickups. This guitar was a complete tone monster, but eventually got stolen from me…TWICE!
    I have in the past few years been able to acquire two more of these babies. A sunburst AND a red one. They look cool hanging on the wall with my Strat, Tele, and Goldtop Paul. They get played as much as any of my other axes.

  7. Anthony says:

    I inherited a sunburst version like yours i am having trouble finding tuner keys two screws fell out of mine n cant find replacement ones i grew listening to my dad playing this loved the sound. Do you know what size screws r used in gears on tuner keys or where i can find replacement pnes?

  8. Anthony Ostermyer says:

    I have inherited my dad’s sunburst et-200 grew up listening to it loved the sound but I need replacement tuners where can I find them

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