1992 Fender Telecaster TL 62-65 CCB Charcoal Burst Finish

Fender Tele CCB 1Here’s an interesting take on the classic Fender Tele, and I notice that currently Fender USA did a similar finish using this “burnt” technique.  But this Japanese made Tele finish right here dates from the late 80s to the early 90s.  This was during the most excellent Fujigen era, and the build quality is pretty darn good.Fender Tele CCB 2The “CCB” is the designation for this finish, called CharCoal Burst.  I’m not sure what they used to achieve the finish, but I remember when these came out in the early 90s and I liked it immediately.  Twenty years later I finally found one!  That worn, dirty look always appealed to me with guitars and I really never liked playing brand new guitars.  So this one was a hit in my eyes!Fender Tele CCB 5In the neck pocket and neck heel was the stamp and name.  This version was called the TL62-65, and this was also offered in a maple neck and that one was called the TL52-65.  Both guitars featured all the popular 1952 Tele specs, but the necks on these are thinner feeling and the bodies are American basswood, which is kind of a bummer.  I’ve never been a fan of basswood because the wood always seems soft to me and I’m constantly pulling strap buttons out of the bodies!  Maybe it’s just me?Fender Tele CCB 4Of course there are other differences like a vinyl pick guard rather than bakelite, but the pickups are decent sounding Alnico units and overall the guitar seems solid in the hand, so to speak.  The most interesting part of this guitar, and Japanese built Fenders in general, is the difference to what’s available in the USA and what’s available in Japan.  Like, this model was never made for sale in the USA so it make the guitar kinda valuable.  But in Japan, this model is like no big deal.  The grass is always greener!Fender Tele CCB 3So there you have it…not vintage, not bizarre, and not really rare.  Hell, this is my first writing about a Telecaster.  I mean, there’s so much information out there and the Telecaster is such a utilitarian guitar that I don’t feel the need to go on and on.  I just wanted to share one of the cooler variations on this classic guitar.  I will say this…Leo Fender was really ahead of his time.  Not many designs have stood up to time and this was like his first foray into solid body electric guitars!Fender Tele CCB 6


2 thoughts on “1992 Fender Telecaster TL 62-65 CCB Charcoal Burst Finish

  1. Kirk Bolas says:

    That is über cool. I did not know that these existed in this context. I was never into the distressed, relic’d guitars that Fender introduced. I couldn’t pay full price for a new guitar that looked like it had been gigged and beaten for a few decades. I was even less agreeable to pay a premium on top of full price for a new, but beat to crap guitar. Having vented my little diatribe, I would have bought this one new because while it appears distressed, it doesn’t at the same time in my eyes. I would opine that it looks as though it was constructed out of much older, repurposed materials. If these are passé over in Japan, I wonder how much could I expect to pay for one and how much more is shipping and duties would run me.

  2. Joe says:

    I have an A series Tele. 1985.. black and white… and three J.v.’s right now. I prefer the ligh bodyt and super clear sound of the A series over the J.v.’s.

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