(This is the BIG list with all the guitars on the site!)

Japanese Electrics!!!

Apollo Red Baron 11969 Apollo Red Baron Guitar

Aria Diamond1967 Arai Diamond 1532T Guitar

1969 Aria KF1901969 Aria KF190 Guitar

1960s Astrotone Guitar

1960s Super Astrotone Guitar

1960s Audition (Zen-On) Guitar

1966 Audition (Kawai) Guitar

1968 Avalon AV-2T (Shaggs Model) 

Decca Hollow 11960s Conquerer Guitar

Beetone 11965 Beetone Guitar

Bradford One Pickup1960s Bradford Guitar

1970 Bruno Conquerer CE 100 Guitar

1960s Cameo Deluxe Guitar

1966 Conrad Bison 1244 2 Pickup Guitar

1966 Conrad Bison 1233 4 Pickup Guitar

1960s Crestwood Guitar

1960s Crestwood Guitar

1968 EL-12 Crown Durango Professional 

Decca Guitar 11960s Decca Guitar

1960s Decca DMI 203 Guitar

Decca Hollowbody 11966 Decca DMI 503 Guitar

Dega 485 3T 11965 Dega 485 3T Guitar

Del Rey EV3T1968 Del Rey EV3T Guitar

1967 Demian Guitar

Domino Pick Guitar1950s Domino Round-Hole Archtop Guitar

Domino White 11967 Domino Guitar

Domino Baron 11967 Domino Baron Guitar

Domino Californian1967 Domino Californian Rebel Guitar

Domino Hawk 11967 Domino Hawk Guitar

1968 Domino Scroll Bass Guitar

1960s Douglas Guitar

Elk Country1960s Elk Country Guitar

Elk Cobra1960s Elk Cobra Guitar

Elk King Cobra1970 Elk King Cobra Guitar

Emperador SG 11969 Emperador SG

Encore SG 11966 Encore SG Guitar

1970s Epiphone ET 270

Excetro E108 11968 Excetro E-108 Guitar

Fender Tele CCB 11992 Fender Telecaster TL 62-65 CCB

Fender Jagstang 11997 Fender Jag Stang

Fender Jaguar 20012001 Fender Jaguar Special

Fender Mustang Reissue 12007 Fender Mustang 66 Reissue

1967 Firstman/Liberty SC2 Guitar

Firstman Broadway 11968 Firstman Broadway Special

Firstman Liverpool1967 Firstman Liverpool Special Guitar

1960s Fuji Guitar 

Fujigen PPFujigen PP4-380

Gamble 11960s “Gambles Import Co.” Guitar

1960s Givtone Guitar

Greco 4 pup 51967 Greco Model 912 Guitar

Greco Shrike1969 Greco 950 (The Shrike)

Greco ER180 11969 Greco ER 180 Guitar

1968 Greco GR 973 Guitar

Gretsch Power Tenny2006 Gretsch G6116PTV Power Tenny

Guyatone LG50H 11960 Guyatone LG50H

1960s Guyatone LG55W

Custom Craft Guya 11962 Guyatone LG70 (Custom Craft) 

Kingston Guyatone1962 Guyatone LG70 (Kingston) Guitar

Guyatone LG75 11965 Guyatone LG75

Guyatone LG981960s Guyatone LG98

Guyatone LG125T 11967 Guyatone LG 125T Guitar

Guyatone LG127T 11968 Guyatone LG127T Guitar

Guya LG150T1967 Guyatone LG150T Guitar

Guyatone LG154T1967 Guyatone LG154T Guitar

Guyatone LG170T1966 Guyatone LG170T Guitar

1966 Guyatone LG 180T Guitar

1960s Guyatone KG35

Guyatone LG120T1966 Guyatone LG120T

1966 Guyatone LG160T1966 Guyatone LG160T Telstar

Guyatone LG250T1968 Guyatone LG250T Guitar

Guyatone Sharp 5 White1967 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar

Guyatone Sharp 5 2 pup1968 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar

1973 Guyatone LG 350T Sharp 5 Guitar

Guyatone LG60B1959 Guyatone LG 60 B Guitar

Guyatone LG60H1959 Guyatone LG 60 H Guitar

Heit Teisco Vamper1968 Heit (Teisco Vamper) Guitar

Heit 2T-P 11967 Heit 2T-P Guitar

Heit Deluxe Hollow 11960s Heit Deluxe Hollowbody Guitar

Honey 335 11968 Honey SE-29VD Guitar

1964 Hoshino (Ibanez)1202 Guitar

1964 Hoshino (Ibanez) 1502 Guitar

HyLo Ibanez 61965 Hy Lo Model 2103 Guitar

1963 Ibanez 994 Guitar

Ibanez 994 (2) 11964 Ibanez 994 Guitar #2

Idol PA23 11968 Idol PA23 Guitar

Marlin PA25 11968 Idol/Marlin PA25 Guitar

Idol Ricky 61968 Idol SG-5 Guitar

1960s Imperial “Burns” Guitar 

Imperial 1 pup 61965 Imperial 1 Pickup Guitar

1960s Imperial 4 Pickup Guitar

1960s Imperial 3 Pickup Guitar

Imperial Fuzz 11960s Imperial w/ Built-in Fuzz!!!

1960s Imperial Guitar

Intermark Gold 11966 Intermark Cipher Guitar

1965 Intermark Cipher Ranger1965 Intermark Cipher Charger Guitar

1965 Intermark Cipher Valor 4T Guitar

Intermark Valor #2 11965 Intermark Cipher Valor 4T Guitar #2

Intermark Cipher Unknown 11966 Intermark Cipher Valor 4T (Variation)

Cipher Ranger 2 11965 Intermark Cipher Ranger Guitar

Intermark Cipher Ranger 2 11966 Intermark Cipher Ranger Guitar

Intermark Cipher Ranger Brown 11966 Intermark Cipher Ranger Brownburst Guitar

Intermark Cipher Ranger White 11965 Intermark Cipher Ranger White Guitar

1965 Intermark Cipher Sentinal Guitar

1966 Intermark Cipher Surfer1965 Intermark Cipher Surfer Guitar

Jaguar Mosrite1968 Jaguar Mosrite Guitar

Kawai Hollow 11960s Kawai Hollowbody Guitar

1966 Kawai (Mayfair) Guitar

1965 Kawai SD3W Guitar

1960s Kawai Mystery Guitar 

Kawai Unknown1963 Kawai S-80 Bizarre Guitar

Kawai S1601964 Kawai S160 Guitar

Kent 545 Polaris 11965 Kent 545 Polaris Guitar

Kent Videocaster 11964 Kent 553 Videocaster Guitar

1968 Kent 740 Guitar

Kent Lefty1968 Kent 740 LH Guitar

1968 Kent 820 Guitar

Kent 8341967 Kent 834 Guitar

1960s Kent Copa (532) Guitar

Kent Guya LG85T 2Kent LG85T (Guyatone) Guitar

1969 Kimberly/Kawai four pickup Greenburst Guitars

1965 Kimberly SD 2W Guitar

Kingston Concert 11968 Kingston Concert Guitar

Kingston 2T1966 Kingston S2T Guitar

1967 Kingston S2T1967 Kingston S2T Guitar

Kingston Hound Dog1967 Kingston S4T Guitar

1960s Kingston FVN4 Guitar

1968 Kingston/Kawai Flying Wedge Guitar Rokes copy

LaBoz Bison1967 LaBoz Bison Guitar

Liberty MS-1501968 Liberty MS-150 Guitar

Lindell VN4 11964 Lindell VN-4 Guitar

1960s Lyle Guitar

Marco Polo 11960s Marco Polo Hollowbody Guitar

1963 Marvel Guitar

1960s Maxitone Guitar

Unknown Panasonic 11965 Melody Plus Guitar

1969 Merlin Red Baron Guitar

National TC51 11972 National TC51 Telecaster Copy Guitar

1965 Nivico Balladeer SG 12 Guitar

Noble EG6861968 Noble EG686 Guitar

Noble Thunderball1967 Noble TV594 Thunderball Guitar

1967 Noble TV993 Guitar

Norma Sparkle 490-41965 Norma 490-4 Guitar

1968 Norma EG403-2

Norma EG421-4 11968 Norma EG421-4 Guitar

1960s Norma Greenburst Guitar

1965 Palmer Guitar

Pleasant White 1 Pup 11966 Pleasant (Kawai) Guitar

Pleasant White1966 Pleasant 2 Pickup Guitar

Pleasant White Guitar1966 Pleasant Guitar

Pleasant Greenburst 1 pup1966 Pleasant Guitar

Pleasant S12S-2481966 Pleasant S12S-248

1965 Pleasant SEL1965 Pleasant (Lafayette 9117) Guitar

1965 Pleasant SEL-2201965 Pleasant SEL-220 Guitar

1966 Pleasant SEV2181966 Pleasant SEV218

White Prestige 11967 Prestige Guitar

1968 Prestige Tiki Mask Guitar

Prestige Hollow1968 Prestige Hollowbody Tiki Mask Guitar

1966 Prestige Guitar 

Prestige Horny 11960s Prestige Unknown Model Guitar

1966 Princeton UC-3 Guitar

1965 RCA Victor SG 18 Guitar

Recco 11968 Recco Guitar

Recco Hollow 11965 Recco Hollowbody (Ibanez)

Unknown Beater 11966 Rexina Guitar

Rhythmline Hollow 11960s Rhythmline Guitar

Rhythmline Mosrite1960s Rhythmline Guitar

sandtron91960s Sandtron Guitar

1970s Sears Tele Copy Guitar

Segova Kawai 11964 Segova Guitar

Sekova Grecian1967 Sekova Grecian Guitar

1967 Sekova Mentor Guitar

Sekova Vulcan Bass1967 Sekova Vulcan Bass

Shelley Guitar1960s Shelley Guitar

Silvertone 1445 11968 Silvertone 1445 Guitar

Silvertone 1460 11969 Silvertone 1460 Guitar

St. George Red1966 St. George Guitar

1964 St. George EP 85 Guitar

St. George MJ2 11963 St. George MJ 2 Guitar

St. George MP3 11965 St. George MP 3 Guitar

1960s St. Moritz Guitar

St. Moritz 2 Pup 11960s St. Moritz two pickup guitar

1960s Stagemaster Guitar

1964 Sorrento E 10 Guitar

1967 Sorrento Swinger Guitar

Splendor Banjitar 11968 Splendor Banjitar

Splendor SG603 2 Pup 11965 Splendor SG602 Guitar

Splendor 11965 Splendor SG603 Guitar

Hitachi Splendor SG603 11965 Splendor SG603 Guitar

1965 Splendor SG8031965 Splendor SG803 Guitar

Squier Supersonic1997 Squier Super Sonic (Vista Series)

Suzuki E21T1965 Suzuki E21T Guitar

Teisco DG67 11967 Teisco DG-67 Guitar

Teisco EP200B1968 Teisco EP200B Guitar

Teisco EP3 11958 Teisco EP3 Guitar

Teisco EP9T 11968 Teisco EP9T Guitar

Teisco EP10T1960s Teisco EP10T Guitar

Teisco EP11T 11969 Teisco EP11T Supreme Guitar

1960s Teisco ET200 Guitar

Teisco Tulip 11970 Teisco ET200 Guitar

Teisco ET220 11970 Teisco ET220 Guitar

Teisco ET300 11964 Teisco ET-300 Guitar

Teisco ET3201964 Teisco ET320 Guitar

Teisco ET440 11964 Teisco ET440

Teisco ET440 11971 Teisco ET440 Spectrum 4 Guitar

Teisco H39 Lap 11960s Teisco H-39 Lap Steel Guitar

Teisco Royal J4B1961 Teisco (Royal) J4B Guitar

Teisco J51960 Teisco J5 Guitar

1966 Teisco K2L Guitar

1966 Teisco K2L Guitar

1967 Teisco K4L Guitar

1968 Teisco May Queen

Kingston Lap Steel 11960 Teisco SW (Kingston) Lap Steel 

1964 Teisco WG-3L Guitar

Teisco S-2 11969 Teisco S-2 Guitar

Teisco SD4L1962 Teisco SD4L Guitar

1990s Teisco Spectrum 5 Guitar

Teisco SS4L 11964 Teisco SS4L Guitar

Teisco SS4L 11964 Teisco SS4L

Teisco T601960 Teisco T-60 Guitar

Teisco TB641964 Teisco TB-64 Bass

Teisco TG-641964 Teisco TG-64 Guitar

Teisco TG64 Burst 11965 Teisco TG-64 Guitar

Teisco TRG-11964 Teisco TRG-1

Silvertone TRG-11965 Teisco (Silvertone) TRG-1

Teisco Gakki SharkLate 60s Teisco Unknown Model

1965 Telestar 4T Guitar

1965 Telestar RD2V Guitar

1968 Telestar Sparkle Guitar

Tempo Angle 11966 Tempo Guitar

Palmer Brown 11965 Tempo 280 Guitar

1968 Tokai Hummingbird 100S1968 Tokai Hummingbird 100S

1968 Tokai Hummingbird 200S Guitar

1967 Tokai Hummingbird 230S Guitar

Tokai AST90 OMTR 22015 Tokai AST90 Goldstar

Tokai AST80 LPBR 22015 Tokai AST80 Goldstar

Tokai ATE90B 32015 Tokai ATE90 Breezysound

Tomson Splendor 11970 Tomson Splendor Guitar

Tulio EB2 11964 Tulio EB2 Bass Guitar

Blue Stripe 61960s Unknown Racing Stripe Guitar

Unknown Chip1960s Unknown Guitar

Unknown Red Milk 11960s Unknown Guitar

Unknown Faux Fender 11960s Unknown Guitar

Unknown Bill 11960s Unknown Guitar

Unknown 4 Rail Pickup 11960s Unknown 4 Pickup Guitar

1960s Unknown (St. Moritz) Guitar

1960s Unknown Martin F 65 Copy Guitar

Univox Bizarre1960s Univox Unknown Bizarre Guitar

1971 Univox Hi Flier Phase II Guitar

1963 Valiant Guitar

1964 Victoria Zenon Guitar

Victoria Zenon 11965 Victoria Zenon Guitar

1966 Voice Frontier Custom 10001966 Voice Frontier Custom 1000

Winston 449 11965 Winston 449 Guitar

1968 Winston CB 2V Banjo Guitar 

1968 Winston Teardrop MS 170 Guitar

Yamaha SA15D1968 Yamaha SA15D Guitar

Yamaha SC600 11983 Yamaha SC600

1967 Yamaha SG-21967 Yamaha SG-2 Guitar

Yamaha SG-2C1960s Yamaha SG-2C Guitar

1966 Yamaha SG-31966 Yamaha SG-3 Guitar

Yamaha SG3 Red1967 Yamaha SG-3 Guitar

1967 Yamaha SG5A1967 Yamaha SG-5A Guitar

Yamaha SGV300 1Recent Yamaha SGV300 

Yamaha SG80T 11972 Yamaha SG80T

Zenon Artist Supreme 11964 Zenon Artist Supreme Guitar

1966 Zenon Zemi1965 Zenon Zemi Guitar

1965 Zenon ZES-60

1960s Zim Gar Guitar

USA Electrics!!!

Airline Guitar Kits USA Res-O-Glas Guitar

1961 Airline Guitar (62 A 7218)

1960s Airline (Kay) Guitar

Airline Hollow1967 Airline 62 A 7280 (Harmony H76) 

1960s Coral Fiddle Bass Guitar

1960s Coral Firefly Guitar

1960s Coral Firefly 12 Guitar

1960s Coral Hornet Guitar

1967-69 Coral Longhorn 6, 12, and Bass 

Coral Longhorn Q 11968 Coral Longhorn Guitar

1967 Coral Electric Sitar (model 3S18)

1966 Custom Craft Ambassador (Model 4272)

Custom Kraft Beat Blaster1968 Custom Kraft Beat Blaster!!

1960s Danelectro 6 String Bass (#3612)

1960s Danelectro Bellzouki 7020 12 String

1960s Danelectro Convertible (#5015)

1960s Danelectro Deluxe Guitar (#6028)

1960s Danelectro Double Neck Guitar/Bass (#3923)

1960s Danelectro Guitarlin (#4123)

1960s Danelectro Long Horn Bass Guitar

1960s Danelectro Short Horn Blonde Guitar (#5025)

1960s Danelectro Short Horn Guitar (#3021)

1960s Danelectro Single Pickup Guitar (#1417/1415)

English Tonemaster 11956 English Electronics Tonemaster Guitar

2004 Fender Cyclone II Guitar

Fender Tele HWY 12000s Fender Highway One Telecaster

Fender Jaguar 50th Anni2012 Fender Jaguar 50th Anniversary Guitar

1965 Fender Mustang (Dan Auerbach Guitar)

Fender PartsTeleFender Telecaster (Partscaster)

Gibson ES1251956 Gibson ES125 Guitar

Gibson ES335 DD2007 Gibson ES335 DD Guitar

1991 Gibson Firebird

Gibson Les Paul 19961996 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gibson Les Paul 581998 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Sweet Cherry Reissue

59 Gibson Les Paul2004 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue Guitar

Gibson SG 20052005 Gibson SG 1962 Standard Authentic Guitar

1960s Harmony H22 Bass Guitar

Harmony H441955 Harmony H44 Stratotone

1960s Harmony Rocket H59 Guitar

1960s Harmony H19 Guitar

1959 Kay Value Leader Hollowbody Guitar

Kay Acoustic1960s Kay Acoustic with DeArmond Pickup

Marvel Multivox 11962 Multivox (StradoLin, Premier, Marvel) Guitar

Murph Squire 11966 Murph Squire II T

National 1124 11954 National 1124 (Valco)

Old Kraftsman 11960s Old Kraftsman Guitar (Kay Vanguard)

Peavey T60 1Peavey T-60 Guitar

Reverend Slingshot 12002 Reverend Slingshot (Hammered Gold Finish)

1950s Silvertone H51 Guitar

1950s Silvertone Espanada H63 Guitar

1960s Silvertone 1448 Amp in Case

1960s Silvertone 1449 Amp in Case 

1960s Silvertone 1452 Amp in Case

1960s Silvertone 1457 Amp in Case

Supro Clermont 11960s Supro Clermont Guitar

1959 Supro Triple-Tone (Model 1575)

1963 Supro Dual Tone (Model 1524G)

1968 Supro Lexington Guitar

1967 Supro Normandy Guitar

Supro Japan 11960s Unknown Valco Guitar

Wurlitzer Cougar1966 Wurlitzer Cougar Guitar

Italian Electrics!!

Castelfidardo Guitar 11960s Castelfidardo Guitar

EKO Cobra 4V 11960s EKO Cobra 4V

EKO 400V1960s EKO 500/4V Guitar

1960s Galanti Grand Prix 2 Pickup Guitar

1960s Galanti Grand Prix 3 Pickup Guitar

1960s Gemelli Comet

Gilbert Travel GuitarGilbert Travel Guitar!!!!

Imperial Tonemaster 40V1965 Imperial Tonemaster 30V (Crucianelli)

1960s Excelsior Jamaica 3V Guitar

1960s Vox Bulldog

German Electrics!!!

1966 Framus 5/153 Caravelle 4 Bass 

1962 Hofner Colorama Guitar

Hofner Colorama Brown 11961 Hofner Colorama Guitar

1970s Hofner 176 “Solid De-Luxe” Guitar

1960s Hopf Telestar Standard

Unknown German 4 pup1960s Hopf, Klira (??) Unknown Guitar

1960s Hoyer Travel Guitar

Golden Eagle German1960s Klira Golden Eagle Guitar

1965 Klira Haiti DeLuxe 544 Guitar

1970s Musima Deluxe 25

Swedish Electrics!!!

1960s Hagstrom HII-B Bass Guitar

1960s Hagstrom III Guitar

1973 Hagstrom HIIN Guitar

1962 Hagstrom H-1 PB-24-G

Canada Electrics!!

Fury Fireball1964 Fury Fireball Guitar

Godin Richmond Dorchester2014 Godin Richmond Dorchester

Mason Lap Steel 11950s Mason Lap Steel Guitar

Holland Electrics!!!

1960s Egmond Airstream 3 Guitar

UK Electrics!!!

1960s Watkins Rapier 44 Guitar

Australian Electrics!!

Maton MS500Maton MS500 Guitar

Soviet/Russian/Ukraine/Eastern Bloc Electrics!!!

Aelita Guitar1970s Aelita Guitar

1980s Formanta Guitar

Orfeus Hollow 11970s Orfeus Hebros Guitar

Tonika RussianTonika Guitar

1970s Ural Guitar

Brazil Electrics!!!

Tonante GuitarTonante Guitar

Korean/Indonesia/China Electrics!!

Danelectro U3 12000s Danelectro UC3 Guitar

Epiphone Crestwood Custom2012 Epiphone Crestwood Custom 1962 

Epiphone P93 Royale2014 Epiphone Riviera P93 Black Royale 

Dean Resonator 1Dean GCE Resonator Guitar

Harmony Stratotone RI 1Harmony Stratotone Reissue

Vox Apache 1Vox Apache 2 Guitar

India Electrics!!!

Givson GS1000Givson G.S. 1000 Guitar?!?!?!

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