Hi folks, here I’ll have all my articles listed for your reading pleasure! Guitars are listed “semi” alphabetically and by country of origin.  By the way, almost all of these guitars have been worked on and set up by Dave D’Amelio.  This guy is an expert guitar tech and one of the few masters when it comes to these quirky gits!  If you have a guitar like this and want to turn it into a player, it’d be worth it to contact “Dano” Dave!!

Most of these guitars have been sold already since I like to keep buying and selling.  I’ve only kept a few of these guitars, which is a very liberating experience!  But occasionally I’ll have some for sale here.

Japanese Electrics!!!

USA Electrics!!!

Italian Electrics!!

German Electrics!!!

Swedish Electrics!!!

Canada Electrics!!

Holland Electrics!!!

UK Electrics!!!

Australian Electrics!!

Soviet/Russian/Ukraine/Eastern Bloc Electrics!!!

Brazil Electrics!!!

Korean/Indonesia/China Electrics!!

India Electrics!!!

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